@Homestuck is the human reincarnation of the webcomic from, and has a similar personality to the character Calliope, the friendliest character in Homestuck.

The History of @Homestuck on TurtleseedEdit

@Homestuck joined Turtleseed on March 11, 2014, thanks their friend who is the Tumblr user who used to be popularly be known as "Ophi". When @Homestuck first joined, said user likely started out with the username @Xario1, or something else. Over time, @Homestuck decided that since people were claiming Homestuck canon usernames, and no one had claimed "@Homestuck", that they would do so, to prevent anyone from dishonoring the Homestuck name.

One of the other Turtleseed users who have been around Turtleseed and still have been active on Turtleseed since @Homestuck joined is the awesome Turtleseed queen @Sayaka (hehehehehe).

In the beginning of @Homestuck's life on Turtleseed, they desperately wanted to invest in Turtleseed, and expressed it much, but unfortunately did not have enough to do so. The reason for wanting to invest in Turtleseed is because the user @Homestuck is very good at seeing potential in people and organizations, and felt very strongly that Turtleseed would thrive at some point in the future.

Eventually, @Homestuck had to move due to the threat of homelessness, and since June 1, 2014 has been less active, but still logs in on occasion to greet everyone and see how they are doing. Once the Turtleseed app for Android is released, @Homestuck plans to make their permanent return.

(More will be added later ^u^)

Who is @Homestuck really?Edit

The person behind @Homestuck calls themself "Elijah G", and is also known by Xario1 on most parts of the internet.

(More will be added later ouo)

Things said about @Homestuck on TurtleseedEdit

"You are the greatest person on the internet"(not exact quote, but close to original post)

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