Now there's nothing left to do but Tetris, is there?! a.k.a

Now there's nothing left to do but Tetris, is there?! a.k.a. Mami Tetris (1 hour and 34 seconds)

"I don't think you understand how gay I am really" -@VincentBrooks


Turtleseed User @VincentBrooks, also known as Kei, Yasu, or their favorite name, Vincent, is known as Turtleseed's Gay Cousin, and has started many a meme, causing much fear and disruption, earning them the title Turtleseed Meme Tyrant/Overlord.



Username @VincentBrooks
Title Turtleseed Meme Tyrant/Overlord
Gender Genderfluid NB/Male
Age 13
Status Hungry

Info Edit


Vincent / Kei / Yasu lives in Oman, born to a British mother and father, with said father being born into an Omani family, making their timezone GTM+4, which is, as they say, "Really fucking sucky because I can't meme all the time when it actually counts." They are 13 years old, and very, very, very, incredibly, worryingly, gay.


They are Genderfluid, swapping between Masculine and Non-Binary pronouns, but they don't really mind which you use, so go crazy, as long as you do not call use female pronouns.

They're a straight up RPG addict to the point where it's worrying, with his favorite series being Shin Megami Tensei, (but do not talk to him about Persona 3/Persona 4 if you value your life.) as well as games published by Nippon Ichi Software America, but he also enjoys other games such as Suda51/Kadokawa Studio's games, and other such things.


He prefers reading manga to watching anime, and he is proud to say he has watched the entirety of Shugo Chara twice, in both the 5th and 6th grades.

Also he really likes Higurashi and Squid Girl and a crapton of other stuff.

Mai icon

He is currently aspiring for a profession in either Creative Writing, Psychology, or Biochemistry.

Don't talk to him about "punk" style characters he loves them too much.


Bara is his life and soul and he hates yaoi yaoi is shit.

Memes Edit

He is known to be responsible for the spread of Mami Tetris, which is one of his favorites, the return of the "lol, internet" meme, torturing Turtleseed user marvel with one of his ships, Peter Quill/Rocket


Raccoon, torturing mukuro with the fact that Mukuro Ikusaba is fucking dead, the one time he and clive added fedoras to people's icons, and is also one of the two involved in the wonderful ship, Pirate Cove Mami, where he is shipped with


Foxy from Five Night's at Freddy's


, as well as calling user hentai a furry, for they are some of the few people on Turtleseed to have played Morenatsu.

Avatar febd771dd9ac 128

"You see those hot furries? I know everything about them. Goddamn everything and I fucked all the ones I could fuck I love them"

Also he really likes Red Zone and MMD vids.

As of the 7th of September 2014, he and clive occasionally make icon trends.

He is also the sole creator of the "Excellent! Keep pushing!" meme.

Cute Squad Edit

He is involved in the cute squad with users kazuichisouda and asmisato, and is the gay guy of the three.


Turtleseed Guild Edit

At one point, he made a guild consisting of fellow TS members shark, moe, solidsnake, and hanakouji, in Etrian Odyssey 4.

Turtleseed guild

He is the sniper, while shark is the Bushi, moe is the Fortress, hanakouji is the Mystic, and solidsnake is the Runemaster.

Husbandos Edit

Note: This list has been deleted due to unnecessary comments and nsfw tendencies, as well as being Very Very Long. This is not because I was too lazy to write it I swear.


Sibling Edit

TS user rhyme (formerly mel) is his sibling who invited him to the site and they probably regret it.

Trivia Edit

  • His previous usernames were shiteyanyo, MamiTetris, NekomaruNidai, AkemiNakajima, and FlandreScarlet.
  • He is the ultimate weeb, being first involved with the Touhou Fandom.
  • Play the Atelier series.
  • He sometimes goes on /smtg/ and it is hell.
  • He is a gayass furry.
  • His icons have been the Chaos Hero from SMT, Akemi Nakajima from Digital Devil Story, JP Shiyama from Digimon Frontier, Shiteyanyo, Bertrand from EOU2, and Vincent Brooks from
  • Catherine.
  • He likes baseball bats but hates sports.
  • He's gay as fuck.
  • Like really gay.
  • He made a Mami Tetris gifset once.
  • He likes Franken Fran, a horror comedy manga, and has a screencap of what has come to be known as the "horror titty". This can be seen to the right.
  • Other stuff to do with gay things and memes.
  • He hates Moonbase Alpha
  • Play a real Shin Megami Tensei game.

Testimonials Edit

Add shit here yo.


"holy shit this dude's so rad i dont even know what to say. love this ts user 10/10 would recommend, would start fedorapocalypse again." -- @clive

super duper extreme ultimate cute face -- @asamisato

is Kei broken or something -@maru

stop kei -rhyme


u fucking meme -rhyme

kei ur a fucking nerd and ur super duper cute and rad and ilu bUT HIROKO IS NOT A HOBO -@kazuichisouda

ur a huge meme -- @hensumi

recentgooglesearches: how to banish turtleseed user vincentbrooks to hell -rhyme (again) (you asked for it)