Tumblr static my-bab

Real Name Myriam, Rhyen, Coco
Username @cocoatarashi
Gender Neutrois Demigirl
Age 14
Status Alive AND Dead

@cocoatarashi/@myriam is the friendly neighborhood harrier reaper on Turtleseed. It'll gladly help people out with promos, advice, fashion and makeup tips, etc. Vae also sells goods and guides people in the Reapers' Game.

About Edit

Not much is known about this user besides the fact that vae's adorable, kind, and that they help people out. Oh, and that it isn't cis nor straight. Definitely not any of those.

@cocoatarashi's pronouns and names vary by how they feel. At the moment, they like it/its, vae/vaer, and they/them pronouns. Vae likes feminine and gender-neutral language to refer to them in speech about them.

Vae is otherkin and fictive/fictionkin. Vae identifies with Coco Atarashi, Shiki Misaki, and Rhyme Bito from The World Ends With You and Myriam Scuttlebutt/Atsume Uwasa from Ace Attorney; for vaer other kintypes, vae identifies with androids, AIs, cats/catgirls, voice synthesizers (e.g. Vocaloid, Voiceroid, etc), monsters, object heads/TV/monitor heads, and rams. Please do not harass it about this.

They're mostly seen with a cute, fluffy puppy named Lily (@dogkin) and her queerplatonic partner, Fern (@maggielacivi), whom vae cares for a lot.


Accounts Edit