This is what he looks like.

He never sleeps enough. Edit

@exhausted is an overworking, under-appreciated man that lives on the coast of Southern Maine. His name outside of turtleseed is probably Ivan, but we're not quite sure. Still he responds to the name and that's what matters, one can suppose.

Hobbies? Edit

Ivan enjoys gardening, especially succulent plants (his former user name was in fact @succuplant). He gardens mostly indoors and likes to think that he's quite good at it. He also enjoys reading (mostly published victorian erotica and gay erotic murder mysteries) and drawing in pen and ink.

Outside of turtleseed? Edit

If you ever were to see @exhausted in real life, he'd likely be downtown kneeling to pet some stranger's dog. Being a dog groomer he simply cannot help himself. When he sees a dog, he'll pet it, even if (on rare occasion) that means getting hit by a car in the process of crossing the street to pet said dog.

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This is his adorable dog named Watson. She's a dachshund/lab mix and also a dragon.

@exhausted has a service dog named Watson, who though incredibly well trained can be a little shit.

Contributions to turtleseed Edit

  • somehow mistaken for a hetero and doesn't know why
  • tries to give the best advice he can think of
  • dogs pictures
  • a little slow with trends
  • tries to keep @soup entertained during the later hours
  • read milk yaoi that one time
  • sex ed for @santa

Testimonials Edit

"@exhausted you sound exhausted" -@meryl

"@exhausted is confirmed /old dog/" -@itsuki

Quotes Edit

"I have кириллица on my phone + sometimes I'll half asleep text someone in Russian and they'll be like, STOP TALKING TO ME IN YOUR MOON RUNES"

Contact Edit

Ask and you shall receive.

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