roxy, ixora, kitty, jinx


Username @pink
  • Seedizen
  • Boy Destroyer
Gender agender postgirl
Age 16

Previously @rolal, Roxy is a less-than-avid turtleseed user who only really logs on because she has nothing else to do. Despite not being a fan of the website, she will probably enjoy talking to you. However, she isn't exactly friendly and is quick to become irritated.

About Edit

(taken from her tumblr about)

i’m roxy. i’m agender and any (non themed) pronouns except for he/him are fine, but if you’re cis i don’t want you using they/them or it/its for me. i’m aceflux, polyromantic (all genders except male), and polyamorous.

if you’re anti-sj or truscum, drop dead. i harbor a strong distrust and bitterness towards cis, human, neurotypical, and male people. if you label yourself as any of those, keep that in mind.

i’m nonhuman and fictive. if you disrespect this part of my identity, drop dead. i’m also very spiritual and these parts of me tether and are very important to me. i’m also multiple with DID and all of my alters are fictive. i label myself as a hard polytheistic syncretist.

isfp / infp, 4w5. aries sun, sagittarius moon, cancer ascendant.

Clans Edit

Roxy created the /ts/dccomicfictives clan on August 20th, and so far it hasn't been very active/successful. She isn't sure if there are many dc comic fictives on turtleseed to begin with.

Other clans that she's joined are:

  • /ts/artists
  • /ts/communism
  • /ts/disability
  • /ts/fictionkin
  • /ts/glitter
  • /ts/neurodivergent
  • /ts/psychosis
  • /ts/queer
  • /ts/selfie
  • /ts/sportsclub

Trivia Edit

  • Tumblr nanl4a2B9v1ttpembo1 500
    hates tomatoes
  • also hates vacuum cleaners
  • owns a henry (fe:a) body pillow
  • her patron goddess is Bast
  • is dating turtleseed user @naomi

Testimonials Edit

"@kiss is cool n fun but takes no bullshit..........." - @issun

"your gey" - @aoyagihajime

"roxy is the best turtle, even tho she is a cat" - @naomi

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