Who is soup????? Edit

ts user soup is the actual deity of soup, all soups everywhere, it's a being of limitless energy, this has been explained numerous times on soup's turtleseed.

About soup and kai Edit

Kai/actual bowl of soup is the human that soup uses to do work in, kai has lots of selfies on ts and you should look at them

kai is 16 and turns 17 in january

kai is 5'4" but very strong can climb a 40 ft rope

small cupio

does sport

both are spooky scary skeletons

kai is in online school so the only times when @soup isnt online is usually when @soup is sleeping although this time varies

Contributions to turtleseed Edit

  • contributes to various memes
  • drank a bottle of hot sauce for followers
  • had a selfie war to the death with @tsubomi
  • official ts counselor
  • also drank ketchup milk
  • fought in the Seed War One
  • halloween
  • aesthetic
  • read so many milk fics on the night of october 4th
  • put on headphones and went full volume; felt vibrations in their brain, probably high

Testimonials Edit

"that drawing looks like soup in a tfw no pose. soup = tfw no support for hot sauce" -@hex

"gay soup" -@Juuzou

Most interacted with users Edit








theres more but me=lazy

Contact Edit

skype: undobutton

snapchat: souplord

tumblr: here

facebook: Soup King

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