@asamisato 's icon as of 8th September

"oi" "you silly tit" "hte" -- hannah all day every day

asamisato prev known as aoiasahina a big weeb who sometimes does the ts

tumblr is nawnami and depending on her mood is more active there!!!!!

Facts Edit

  • loves her some bullet points
  • cis girl so she/her (use w/e)
  • gray a (demisexual/aceflux) heteroflexible (if u make fun of that i will flick u in the nose)
  • 15 y/o but actually 8 i lied
  • lives in the gr8 country but not really australia
  • desperatley in need for cute nicknames call her cute nicknames call her cu te nicknames!!!!
  • nuerodivergent which is cool (aspergers)
  • talk 2 her abt ib do it i dare you
  • favourite thing on the planet is fullmetal alchemist
  • chiaki nanami incarnate
  • also madoka
  • basically a pink haired anime girl irl
  • married 2 alphonse elric, asami sato and most importantly aoi asahina
  • has a guinea pig called skittles yet has never eated a skittle in her life what

@Kazuichisouda is her kyodai <333333

Testimonials Edit


put stuff here pls!!!!!!!

eee shes super cute and super rad -- @kazuichisouda

aoiasahina is p cool yet probably also a nerd. scratch that, definitely also a nerd. also tru ib is cool. -@rhyme

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