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@bingo, or dig doug, is a seedizen on Turtleseed. They were formerly @paypal (and originally @spacedandy,) and have been a community member on Turtleseed since July, 2014, but took a long hiatus from November 2014 until July 2015. They are a less known member of the site, and keeps to themselves for the most part.

dig doug is actually a skeleton, but is a part-time public school student. The media of their profile is flooded with drawings of their skeletal brothers.

dig doug has somehow acquired a full 5% shore love, even despite never giving any shore love, and being the poorest of the poor, due to their lack of pockets, in spite of being a skeleton. They also kept a constant follower count even after their long hiatus from the site-possibly due to their long-lasting skeletal magics.

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