About Edit

  • name is liz
  • 14 years old
  • feminine genderfluid
  • pansexual
  • atm she/her or they/them pronouns are great, though anything works
    • except he/him pronouns
  • median system
  • polykin
    • deerkin, winterkin, maned-wolfkin
    • headmates have different kintypes too

okay so they are a cool, cute person ok

that is it

Achievements Edit

  • got banned from: paypal, elsword, neopets, webkinz, rotmg, animal jam, toontown, neopets, club penguin, wizard 101, and a few more
  • has cosplayed as haruhi from ohshc, zacharie from off (game), and is making like 100 cosplays that will never be finished
  • has gotten a 4.0 GPA 4 years in a row
  • found out a way to make AAA batteries work in a AA device

    the ride of doom

  • saved a pigeon from certain death
  • saved a stray cat from drowning at river
    • okay it was a webkinz cat but who cares
  • she nearly died while bungee jumping in one of those hand-build bungee things you sometimes see in malls
    • Yea one of those fucking death rides ->
      • "The cord broke and i was screaming for the dude to let me down but he was just like 'nop' while taking $20 out of my mom's hand for me and my sister to get on it" -liz
  • vocaroo'd the entire, real, "dipper goes to taco bell" fanfic

^who the hell wrote that ^

Facts Edit

  • can play flute, and knows the basics of violin and knows where the "C" key is on a piano
  • dropped out of marching band because it sucked
  • does homework last minute all the time
  • doesnt actually watch much anime, but when she does, she cant stop watching until something distracts her

Testimonials Edit

"What the fuck is a testimonial," -@bipper Edit

"official dipper pines omg" -@brzenska

"i was there when bipper played their first em game and theyre still playing it" -@yuki

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