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bucky (@buckybarnes) is Literally bucky barnes/newt geiszler. she writes bad poetry and likes making a Lot of 8tracks mixes.

is the actual queen of les mis headcanons

and all headcanons

is also extremely cute

cool info Edit

feel free to check out her for some info abt her B)

name: bucky

gender: demigirl (is ok w/ all gendered terms they dont bother her at all uwu)

pronouns: in order of preference, she/her, they/them, ty/tyr, & he/him

kintypes: fictive (bucky barnes and newt geiszler) and possibly something else???????????

personality thing: enfp, sanguine, enneagram type 7, chaotic good

neat facts Edit

  • gay?
  • is left-handed
  • literally bucky barnes
  • wants to own a kaiju and a jaeger
  • loves robots
  • has three cats
  • has an eternal love for the gods bragi, sjofn, and dionysus

testimonials Edit

nice -rhyme

whoa dang this person is Rad - @clive

Superior taste in Gods and a cishet destroyer -@dionysus

10/10 would drift with and start a revolution with -hawkeye

*points @  Buckybarnes* luv that Buckybarnes - bagel

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