Real Name tucker/ariel/newt
Username @bumblebee
Title they/fae pronouns
Gender afab nb
Age 22
Status minibot
Fave Meme skeletitties

although there is a rumor ariel is made out of T E N T H O U S A N D B E E S the sources cannot be confirmed


answers to tucker, newt, or ariel, which means 999,997 bees still need to be named. lives in the united states on the east coast and attends college part time. aged 22, but doesn't look older then twelve. ariel hopes to one day work at a daycare, pursuing early childhood education for their degree


  • the Big Cheese right now for ariel is transformers. they have consumed most media, currently watching gen 1 and transformers animated and reading mtmte and robots in disguise
  • roosterteeth is also high on the list. rvb, rwby, and those Darn Achievement Hunters also make it up. ariel has likened themselves to geoff, feeling very Tired and Dad constantly
  • guardians of the galaxy, or as ariel calls it, guardians of the peter needs a stable family and some protection to soothe his guilt complex
  • various animes can also grace the list, but ariel is behind in many. tokyo ghoul, haikyuu and jjba are three to be named. they wish to start yowapedal soon. madoka magica and nge are still large interests, if the mess of a shelf they have of figures from both series means anything
  • if you can hear the quiet brrming in the distance of giant jaegers, ariel is still fond of pacific rim. the fandom? not so much
  • various other cartoons, video games, and television shows are too numerous to be listed

have you seen this cute picture of geoff ramsey -- >Edit

Tumblr mj47pg7WtZ1s5zbhxo1 500


  • could be considered a BigWig in the yogscast fandom. rythian doesn't like ariel and ridgedog certainly hates ariel
  • if you mention bucky barnes around ariel, they'll probably cry. it's best not to do it
  • possibly starscream in disguise
  • very, very, very fond of axolotls
  • is an INFJ and hufflepuff
  • if the word "sidekick" was an identity, it would be ariel
  • possibly has avpd. sometimes says things they don't mean. if ariel ever hurts your feelings or says something out of line, they will understand and apologize for it

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