Cael is an actual god.

They/Bun pronouns unless they've allowed you to use she!

Goes by Cael/bun/markus/megan.

Aroflux and Asexual, gender is Void(Femme agender)

Makes weird seeds about being gay and Who Knows What. Likes madoka. a lot
Tumblr mzlxr1xXy41qdft7do2 400

@bunnies' icon

  • has bpd
  • has avpd
  • has bipolar depression
  • has anxiety
  • has DID

Tumblr is Here and twitter is Here


  • Cael is Swell A Shell -@aang
  • a yuri loving fuck -@marvel
  • Precious gay -@Pneumas
  • has a wonderful sense of humor and a vivid (and great appreciation of) imagination 🌟 -@princessluna
  • a benevolent bun deity- @prettyboy
  • a huge cutiepie, best little bun ever, i love this huge sweetie, one of my fav ts users <33 -@Marie

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