On roughly March 24, 2015, a second user named @cain joined Turtleseed & quickly rose to prominence. Between them and the original Cain (@Suga), King of the Cains, inventor of Cainsian economics, brother of Abel, the two began to butt proverbial heads.

Upon the second day of @cain's life on Turtleseed, factions began to form. There were those in favor of the old Cain, cult members of @cain, and the Anti-Cainists. The conflict truly began to heat up following @bagel and @nootnoot's proclamations of support for the Cainists. This prompted @toxic to declare xyrself an Anti-Cainist.

What ensued were numerous shitpost and memeish skirmishes. The conflict was virtually inescapable with all of Turtleseed's greatest minds involved in Cain/Anti-Cain propaganda. The original Cain, looking upon the carnage the past day had wrought, notably declared "So many lives caught in the cain revolution. So many innocents." It was a sad day and a new low. @rosequartz (Tyde) declared herself in support of whichever Cain supported a Capitalist economy, ultimately taking up arms with @Suga.

Some people remember that First Lady Madison saved a photo of George Washington from the selfie clan and carried it off before the selfie clan was razed.

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