Joined November 22, 2015

A nice birb friend that flies in with memes and words of comfort. She has a good singing voice as evidenced by a voocaro. She's basically the sun of turtleseed who spreads light wherever she goes.

Is not as active as she was in 2015 and usually only comes online when someone posts a nsfw seed. It's like a summoning ritual and works 9/10 times. This is not always the case, but for the most part; yes.

Since Turtleseed's end, she can be found under the same handle on most social media websites, and has become more forthcoming with her personality and life. Megan has shown a side of herself that was never addressed when she was active on TS, and personally claims that she is 'casually' problematic'

Megan is, however a genuinely kind person who supports the people around her and is open to suggestion and new ideas. No matter how many strange borderline NSFW tweets she may send as response to selfies or create threads on her favorite 'bad' selfies, she's someone who you can really express yourself toward.



"@ccorfarts uses nsfw k-on games to design outfits for ocs" --cecil


"tose vocaroos wer eso bad im gonna kill y" -Rye

"get outta my sink ya fucking gaywad or im calling the fucking cops" - Rye

"Megos fb?" "*finds megan and blocks her*" -rye

"callout for @ccorfarts -ships squidward w blue dmmd guy" - cecil




"@ccorfarts is gay and i love her" -Sg

"@ccorfarts is so good at art i Aspire" - Aleph

"@ccorfarts glad u feel nice and cute cuz that's what u are mbud" Sg

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