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"she's beauty, she's grace, she's resting her tits on komaeda's face"- @chiaki

@chiaki (celsius/sega), the irl chiaki nanami / titty queen / nanahiro royalty (aka "yes, That nanahiro")

she is real and powerful

and she is Here

History Edit

most users do not remember her beyond when she was tumblr user slackerie during the OFF fad of february-june 2013. she was a relatively popular blogger at the time, and that was a mere smidgen of what tumblr bullshittery was soon to come.

she then became deadchihiro sometime in july, and undeadchihiro for the halloween season. jeez, why am i telling you all this shit. do you even care? then, on the 24th of december in 2013, she suddenly became 'nanahiro'- a new name for chihinami as someone already had that ship url hoarded.

so began the wild ass motherfuckery that was the nanahiroan era.

after the utter destruction that was the nanahiroan era, she changed to chiakane (and nanxmi for a short period) in july 2014- only to change right back to nanahiro in the next month.

her reasoning?

nanahiro is easier to say aloud.

her turtleseed usernames have been @celsius, @chiakinanami, and currently @chiaki.

holy shit what a relic i found anyway did you write this all yourself because only you could have an ego this big

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Controversy Edit

apparently celsius is problematic. apparently nanahiro is problematic. apparently being mentally ill is problematic. apparently ts user chiaki breathing and showing vital signs is problematic.

the general disdain that a lot of users have for her carries over from tumblr, when she was the ringleader of the 'hinanami destroyers' debacle in early april 2014[1]. this drama, though incredibly irrelevant at this point after many months and apologies made by celsius herself (also the fact that she doesn't even hate hinanami anymore), is still being revived by others to this day. many hate her simply because she has aggression issues and tends to discharge it rather theatrically and violently.


although most think it was a shipping war between nanahiro and hinanami, it wasn't. celsius just really didn't like hinanami. 'nanahiro supremacy 2k14' (as it was called) did happen around/at the same time as hinanami destroyers, but in general had no relationship with the debacle.

heterosexuals sure are weird


hinanami destroyers as depicted by a confessions blog

Notable Seeds Edit

  • created the anime  titties meme
  • naegi's ahoge
  • tortured that poor chihiro fujisaki figurine on "chihiro night" (that's what we're gonna call it) in the name of chiaki nanami[2][3][4][5][6][7][8]
  • had "nanahiro night" for at least 3 nights in a row once
  • that one night everyone talked about komaeda[9][10][11][12]
  • i'm sure i'm missing some more

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