Rip in rest clive

"jimin isnt even my fave" i say as i post this picture under the title "Rip_in_rest_clive.png"

also see: Clive Dove (layton spoilers at link)

ts user @jimin (previously known as @smh) is the entire south korea, no joke. maybe she isn't but you'll never know with that girl y'know? anyway she likes a lot of things mostly anime and manga and crime dramas and korean pop/hiphop. she also likes cute things and fashion is pretty nice

for more about her visit her

her shore love commission info is here

about Edit

  • name: cory (you can call her clive/yongsoo too) (prefers clive the Most)
  • pronouns: she/her preferred
  • kintypes: fictionkin (clive dove, aph south korea) but sometimes feel spacekin
  • birthday: august 23rd
  • fav color: cant decide
  • fav animal: bunny and turtle
  • hobbies: drawing, play video games, crying over romance
  • achievements: became icon trendsetter on ts with fellow user @AkemiNakajima
  • crews: BTS Crew, Other Side of the World Crew (with @rhyme), K-Pop Crew

trivia Edit

  • likes shoujo manga
  • also likes sad things
  • fav memes: skeletons & tfw no gf (aka feels guy)
  • a crybaby most of the times
  • really likes korean pop/hiphop and vaporwave / chillwave music
  • also likes hetalia. fave character is aph america & s.korea
  • likes a lot of video games and obviously professor layton is one of them
  • enjoys watching crime dramas :3c
  • this and this are her aesthetics

external links Edit

testimonials Edit

  • [puts myself at the top b/c clivie is also my child] luv that clivmin. my kids. bts crew go hard. too bad you'll never be as cool as meme yoongi -@suga
  • -- anon
  • yongsoo is the best of the entirety of korea im proud to call her family -- @japan
  • alfred f jones x clive is cannon in all of our hearts -- anon
  • i am 99% sure her aesthetic is cool -- @asamisato
  • clive looks like olive. clive oil -- @AkemiNakajima
  • i dont actually know you that well but yr ok @ epic maf & bgo & thats what really counts a+++ -@aang
  • Cory Cory Cory in the house -- anon
  • i only started following u during the flower crown icon trend but u seem like a p cool meme -- @hensumi
  • ts user smh Steppin It Up - @maizonos
  • who IS clive -@combeferre

gallery Edit

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