Age: 17, a dancing queen She/her, sanguine, pisces, infp, lawful good, not so secretly hs trash Relationship status: tired as heck Favorite book: how can anyone pick one

@Combeferre joined Turtleseed after being invited by @shuuya in early September as part of the Great Turtleseed Migration. When she first joined, she had the luck to snag the un @Eponine, but soon gave it up in favor of @SugawaraKoshi, bc she is a huge anime nerd who loves Haikyuu!! Talk to her about anime. pls.

She then rejoined the Les Mis Crew with this un. She loves to play epicmafia (SugawaraKoshi), BGO (Kuzuryuuu) and cards against humanity with other ts users c: (She also has a tumblr  with (what used to be) The Longest Queue Ever that she barely goes on anymore)

Her current occupations include crying over hw+senior year, not sleeping enough, and being concerned over how little sleep @grantaire gets. As the school year progresses, it is very possible that she will be on ts less often because she does Too Many Things for school. luv that theatre. and music. and art. and latin. heck.


  • Official goggles artist of ts
  • possible nerdiest ts-er



"@combeferre ruined my life." -@toph

"@combeferre comes from a line of legends but is still a nerd" -@dracomalfoy

"ferre pls" -@grantaire, @enjolras, @eponine, @xavier, probably more

"the best,, turtleseed artist,, really cool,, really funny tbh.. SugawaraKoshi in the Heart" -@aang

"the rise of more les mis trash. 10/10 friend who gets references which is gr8. also og suga(1). luv that suga(wara)~~" -@suga

"dont forget me anymore u hecker" -@jimin

"@combeferre gets it" -@toph (what does this refer to? we just don't know)

"@combeferre is the pwn master and i cannot compare" -@gavroche (cafe)


  • Has possibly even nerdier parents
  • Is a co-president of a latin club
  • pwns at bgo
  • A somewhat honorary member of the legendary HPcrew
  • Draws a ton but rarely posts bc its all for ap art and is still at school,, rip in rest

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