about Edit

daiya clan/crew/squad is literally the cutest clan. holy shit. i love the daiya crew. (pretty much everyone in the daiya crew is gay for everyone else in the daiya crew)

chill membersEdit

  • @toujou (helped w/ daiya clan)
  • D 47

    daiya crew's fav scene

    @sawamura (FUCK!!!! LOVE YA)
  • @yuki (lov that captain)
  • @Kuramochi (a cutie. holy F)
  • @Chrissenpai
  • @shirakawa
  • @typo
  • @gender (gay)

things daiya clan is known for (kinda)Edit

  • daiya taking over the shore at least 3 days a week (usually every saturday)
  • baseball fucking (shit's a baseball fucker who started it)
  • "whos _____ and why are they all over my shore" (this has happened like 5 times)
  • their constant rival with the jojos
  • daiya > jojo

daiya clan ships that are totally canonEdit

  • shirasawa
  • Narumiya

    daiya crew's fav character. trust me.

    @miyuki x @sawamura
  • raiharu
  • tone x Sanada
  • kaitlin x inashiro match (fuck y)
  • Sai x Sanada
  • NaruSawa
  • ShirasuNori
  • gender x EVERYONE
  • harunaru [haruichi x narumiya]


Carlos is really important.


The most handsome character in all of Daiya, it has been agreed among the members that his overwhelming beauty must be worshiped in a fashion transcending above the norm. Once every blue, full moon, the clan members gather and chant the name Carlos, Carlos, Carlos, repeatedly in hopes of the universe hearing, and blessing them in all his luscious glory. Kamiya Carlos Toshiki is truly a God amongst men and needs more fucking screen time.