turtleseed user @deity is a huge nerd who has no idea how to make wiki pages and is too lazy to use caps lock.

information Edit

  • name: ash
  • age: 14 years old
  • gender: genderfluid
  • preferred pronouns: fae/faer or he/him/his
  • romantic orientation: panromantic
  • sexual orientation: asexual
  • kintypes: faekin, royaltykin, demonkin, fictionkin w/ mami tomoe (puella magi madoka magica), risa koizumi (lovely complex), and dipper pines (gravity falls)
  • mbti: infj
  • zodiac: taurus
  • dungeons and dragons alignment thingy: lawful good

fun facts Edit

  • loves attention never be shy around him shower him in replies
  • changes icon probably more than he should
  • has no idea what he is doing half of the time
  • gets confused easily
  • has never watched a single episode of anime never let anyone tell you otherwise
  • loves cats so much
  • doesn't know what else to put here

testimonials Edit

please put things here i'll love you forever

i dont know you : ) - @marius

maaaan they're the sweetest motherfricker, always trying their best to help other people i love them so much <3 -@santa

haven't known them long but he seems p rad. madoka approves - @transmadoka

ball of cute and everything nice - @masaru

a real life furry! but i guess a really cool furry. -@rapmonster or hawkeye maybe?

woah, apparently engaged? im fine with that, luv that ash, really nice and p gay -@akemi

I was there when Ash ended mamitetris and i think that's what really compelled me to become friends with ash and now i can call ash a furry uke who can't top I think evolution is beautiful -Tadashi

ash is straight furry weeb homestuck -aang

ash is super cool but pleas e play draw it with them for the true experience -@danascully