Turtleseed user Denmark is a huge meme. Denmark is also known to be dating Turtleseed user Lithuania, and enjoys things like coffee, lovey things, and Lithuania. They are friends with many of the #Shoretalia community, and also have a really cute face.

Denmark's icon

Denmark's icon

About Edit

User Denmark's name is Mathias. Mat and Maths are acceptable nicknames, or you could just call them nerd.

Denmark prefers they/them and he/him pronouns usually, and is very American (despite living in Canada). They're fictionkin, their MBTI type is I/ESFP, and they're a Taurus. They're really nice, and user Sealand, who's writing this for Denmark, suggests that you talk to them a lot. They're very friendly.

They're known to frequently change hairstyles with the help of several wigs and probably witch craft, and pretty much always look really attractive. 10/10 would swoon.

A little known fact about user Denmark is that they're a huge weeaboo.


User Denmark's Face

The image to the left is evidence of how /really frikn hot Denmark is/. Like just look at that. I could stare at that face all day. Frikn damn. Smh.

Denmark also enjoys using various shorthand and internet slang, such as smh, tbh, ngl, and bruh. This practice is lame, but in an endearing way. Many other users, including but not limited to users Lithuania and Sealand, have picked up these habits. User Sealand greatly regrets this, but laughs at it often.

Denmark is a dual citizen of the USA and Canada.

User Sealand, who again, is typing this, would also like to inform you, the reader, that user Denmark is probably actually a magical fairy person, but they're not quite sure. They will let you know more as this situation develops.

Credit for Icon Edit

Icon is from here

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