Who the fuck is @Menlo eh Edit

@Menlo, (formerly @Detweiler) more commonly known as Rolf, Pearl or Aki, is a user on Turtleseed who writes Ed, Edd 'n Eddy porn. He's American and white, currently residing in New York City. He's an English speaker, and also took two years of Japanese classes, so he sucks but not as much as 12-year-old weeaboos do. He's some form of masculine nonbinary(currently using either the term alienboy or vectorboy), and uses he/him, they/them or xe/xir pronouns.

tell me more you fuckbunny Edit

  • He is basically "that one TS user who EEnE"
  • He also likes Dangan Ronpa, tokimekiwaku, Gorillaz, Whose Line Is It Anyway and Recess, along with many other things.
  • He sometimes makes OC mixes.
  • He only listens to WEEB MUSIC and European alternative stuff.
  • He's 14 years old.
  • He's pansexual and oligoromantic, currently sorta-dating his friend Peppers.
  • He's polykin and fictionkin, primarily with Sylveon and Kuzuryuu.
  • He is real life Double D.
  • Watch him swooce right in.
  • He has a tumblr.
  • He is an extreme mental fuck-up and apologizes if he's too emotional or harsh.
  • He also has a skype, if you want it.

Famous quotes of @Menlo Edit

  • "mommy, what's a heterosexual?"
  • "fucko"
  • "i keep misreading professor birch as professor bitch"
  • "samurai shaq"
  • "*points at rolf* hes gay (and european)"
  • "you know what waluigi wanted? ? he wanted me to write EEnE porn so heck off memes"
  • "this just in: kev pees lube"

the gANG Edit

  • @Jhope is Rolf's senpai
  • that's all that matters
  • (also @princessluna and @birdo are pretty cool)

that's it Edit

[eddy voice] well i was gettin freaky

[jimmy voice] with my larr gurrey lan

[jonny voice] boy we had some fun

[rolf voice] and then i hfewhu

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