TS user divine, also known as Kim, is 14 years old and lives in tokyo. They speak some japanese but not as much as they would like.They are very cute and very cool and love gold, jewels, money, and makeup. Can be mean sometimes but tries to be nice. Doesnt know how 2 work this webpage editor

Fun Factz Edit

  • is gay as hell
  • aro/ace spectrums
  • very mentally ill and talks about it a lot
  • loves nicki minaj with a burning passion
  • has a lot of weird beliefs about things
  • really likes to make mixes!! on 8tracks @snowmelt
  • accepts literally any pronouns at all
  • chill and will probably talk to u if you want to

The gays Edit

kim is currently in love with (bolded are the most relevant atm):

  • homura akemi (the ultimate problematic fave)
  • yui hirasawa
  • isuke inukai
  • marceline abadeer
  • mikasa ackerman
  • mugi kotobuki
  • misa amane
  • reyna avila ramirez arellano
  • N I C K I M I N A J
  • soon
  • B E Y O N C E

Testimonials Edit

extremely accurate un. very godly and ethereal presence, also funky 8tracks mixes. -@dionysus

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