Their first, and currently only icon.

Charlotte @droid, aka lotte, deputy nanami, gay ass nerd. They use they/them/themself pronouns.

They're the real Chiaki Nanami and the rightful successor to the @nanami handle.

They hope to someday popularize the term #ywbo.

"instead of #yolo why not #ywbo. you will be okay. i wil be okay. we will all be okay someday and people need a reminder"

Memes Edit

Stayed neutral in the Moe Kano Invasion 2. Fearfully awaits Moe Kano Invasion 3.

They accidentally coined the word "titsy" after making a typo.

Contributed to the "he was a boy, she was a girl" meme: he was a boy. she was a girl. they were just friends bc boy/girl relationships don't have to be romantic straight ppl.


Popular Seeds Edit

  • moe tractor??? OH u mean MOW tractor !!! haha nice one son. now get back to work - august 19, 2014
  • the phrase "damn straight" is cool bc u either mean HELL YEAH THAT'S RIGHT or ur cursing a heterosexual and i think that's beautiful - august 21, 2014
  • petition to remove komaeda from dr:ae - august 25, 2014
  • imagine how is touch the seed - august 27, 2014