@faust is a tiny jotunn with a penchant for the animus.  they are an author & a poet & can usually be found drinking water from a plastic can with a unicorn on it.  when they're not trudging through their homework, they're usually watching netflix or playing something cutesy on their 3ds (shoot a seed at them if you want their friend code).

faust has been known by many names, but right now they're going with rio, which is spanish for river.  they grew up in a small town in new england & are thus impervious to the cold.

faust is nonbinary, demisexual, & neurodivergent.  they also have debilitating back pain & asthma.  they are a hufflepuff, a capricon, & an isfj.

as a note: faust is 21 years old, so if you are a minor & are uncomfortable with interacting with them, just let them know.  they'll understand & will back off as much as you need them to.

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