hitoshi was free

free hitoshi

hitoshi free


#FreeHitoshi2015 was a meme that spread on Turtleseed on the night of September 3rd. Turtleseed user, baka, was trying to get people to promote her when the memeriffic meme caught aflame. "promo me to free hitoshi" were the exact words said. After a while of the words receiving attention, the popular tag was then used. "#FreeHitoshi2015" baka seeded. Turtleseed user, biscuit, then joined in on the fun. She got a picture of Hitoshi, the Nyan Neko Sugar Girls character, in front of an American flag and added the word "FREE" on it. Continuing the trend, baka made her own version. This time it was a picture of Hitoshi tied up with the words "Free Hitoshi" written across the bottom in Comic Sans. Later that night, baka added another picture of Hitoshi. This time, he was sitting in swim trunks, on a pool chair with a phone. The word "Freed" were written next to him in Comic Sans as well. This truly is a memerable meme.

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