game grumps meme teen Edit

Game Grumps

10734-331288 44531 spike spiegel super super

Real Name tegan
Username @gamegrumps
Gender nonbinary
Age 15
Status gay as fuck

@gamegrumps also known as tegan, is a living, breathing meme

their posts get #1 on the hatch 100 all the time and they dont even have 300 followers

a few times their selfies and singing have been #1 on the hatch 100

currently has 13% shore love but they shore would love some more

they are a hippie stoner kid and nobody can tell them otherwise

they love game grumps and video games till the end of the earth

testimonials Edit

"i added them on snapchat and they are so so very cute" -@robots

"has enough swag to crush large mountains" -@fujisakis

fun facts! Edit

  • they/them pronouns
  • nonbinary
  • pansexual
  • taoist
  • born on August 27th
  • has met the grumps in real life
  • barry played their ukulele and danny has signed it
  • has obsessions with dan avidan and barry kramer
  • loves game grumps more than life
  • almost always follows back
  • wants a million followers
  • accidentally created the Success! meme due to a turtleseed glitch
  • is rivals with @MamiTetris
  • plays ukulele, trombone, piano, bass guitar, and sings