Genso (@gensokyo) is some odd turtleseed user that thinks they run #TurtleRadio.  


Gensokyo is the setting of the Touhou Project. It is home to a huge shrine and a series of spirits. However, Genso themself is not as important as a setting. Instead, they are a mere Decendent of Daisy, who loves to shitpost about Slaine Troyard & how cute Lucifer is.


Gensokyo was born onto the shore sometime in early August 2014, after being reincarnated from their twitter hellstay. It's unclear what their motives are at the moment, but they only seem to care about very, very cute dogs and replying to others seeds. They also make puns at times, like most other ts users do.

Turtle RadioEdit

Turtle Radio is an unofficial radio station that was started after Genso's attempt at creating the Hell News Network failed. They were fired from the network shortly after it merged with Shore News. The radio itself rarely broadcasts news, and instead plays various audio clips from different songs at random. Usually lyrics are heard before being cut off by silence. Some speculate whether or not there may be a dog running the broadcast, since barking can be heard when no music is playing. There is no specific music genre.


  • Genso does not endorse the use of bullet curtains nor spell cards.
    • They are also not endorsed by alien frogs, kero.
  • TurtleRadio is not an actual radio. Rather, its whatever the hell is relevant to the situation, or what Gensokyo is listening to at the moment
  • During the Kanopocalypse 1 & 2, they were the only soul known to use the Moe Kido icon.
    • ​It's not known if they will participate in the 3rd Kanopocalypse
  • They were probably the one that caused the influx hordes of users by promoting turtleseed to the tumblr imagineyouricon.


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