@haise is a user who joined sometime in August 2014. She doesn't know when exactly but. 


  • She goes by the name Ai. By that I mean her birth name is Ai and she's just uncreative and assumes people wouldn't think it's her name.
  • She is a cis girl and goes by she/her pronouns.
  • Her birthday is December 16 and she's 13 years old.
  • Writing in 3rd person like this is making her uncomfortable and will probably use 1st person for the rest of this page.


  • i l ov e putting ra ndom spaces in between wor d s
  • i love using the :o emoticon. also >:3c
  • i'm vietnamese and i know like.. 3 phrases?
  • will one day get the @kousuke username
  • possibly fictionkin for haise sasaki but 
  • used to go by @sailortrash @galax @mukuromassacre @iona; most of you probably knew me when i was @sailortrash/@galax
  • got @shuuya to do a dramatic reading of a kano x reader fic
  • damn you shuuya
  • listened to the element song for 6 hours
  • (unsanitary) one time when i was 5 a bird pooped on my eye
  • my birth name is bac-ai. don't call me bac-ai because that name is kind of

important things said about meEdit

gonna add some stuff later 


say stuff about me in here ?? ? idk

fave characters Edit

mostly so i don't forge t b ut

  • kyouko kirigiri from dangan ronpa
  • kido tsubomi from kagerou project
  • kano shuuya from kagerou project
  • kashima yuu from gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun
  • haise sasaki from tokyo ghoul:re
  • ryuugamine mikado from durarara
  • ruko kominato from selector infected/spread wixoss

i probably have a thing for characters whose names start with 'k'

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