@hinawa goes by the names Harmonia, Amor, or Nanami. He is bigender and likes to switch between he/him and it/its pronouns. He lives in the California Bay Area. It is low functioning autistic, dyspraxic, computerkin and fictionkin. It has also been diagnosed with an unnamed personality disorder in which the alters talk amongst each other, share memories, and know lots about everyone in the system.

N takes a swim

N takes a swim

harmonia getting DESTROYED

N takes a dive

N takes a dive

me getting WRECKED

It is very short, coming in at 4'9" at the age of 16.

Harmonia likes to play Pokemon (especially DPPT), play his ukelele, draw, write, and talk to his friends. Some of his friends are Shiroba and Kumatora.

Kumatora is also its crushbud (when two or more beings have a crush on each other, but one or multiple parties are not ready for dating). She is very pretty and such a nice person! It really likes her.

He seems to love a green haired hippie a lot. This hippie is apparently him, his husband, and his child all at the same time.

He also tends to use the B) emote a lot.

His kinselves/kintypes are N Harmonia from Pokemon (Black and White/Black 2 and White 2), Kumatora from Mother 3, Nanami Chiaki from Super Dangan Ronpa 2/SDR2, and a robotic pug who is also an AI!

Its tumblr is here. Its kinblog is here.

@Shiroba Edit

sycamore is literally The Cute. he is one of my cool friends and also my son. he wants the orange juice Mother Fucker. if u have a problem with him i will toss u into the sun because wow he is so cool and cute and funny wow!! the best lobster boy!!

@kumatora says.... Edit

Sycamore is one of the cutest beings on the planet and if you have any problem i will fight you. hes actually n harmonia and nanami and kumatora like woah!!! woah.

We like to call him Cheerio because it's like a nickname for Chihiro!


together @hinawa and @kumatora make nanahiro.

N and Touko- Every Time We Touch

N and Touko- Every Time We Touch


Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 7.33.28 PM

me getting gay