Hitoshi-san (ヒトシさん) is one of the main characters of the hit anime Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls by SoapOpera46 on YouTube. Subsequently, he has also recently become a Really Cool turtleseed user (@hitoshisan). No one really knows where he came from, but one day he just appeared, much to everyone's delight. He has a penchant for calling everyone he meets kawaii nekos along with his infamous catchphrase: "Nya~ Rawr~". Hitoshi-san doesn't appear too much on turtleseed due to real life problems like wondering what to eat for breakfast again (usually he just goes with his favorite meal "Pocky and Ramune"), but every once in a while he graces the village with his sugoi seeds of wisdom.

Appearance Edit

Hitoshi-san has sugoi ultramarine blue hair and kakkoi crimson red eyes. This is of course due to his status as a Main Character. He has a favorite black long-sleeved shirt which he wears everyday accompanied by his favorite pair of light blue pants. Contrary to popular belief, they are not jeans but actually velvet track pants.


Trivia Edit

  • Because he was turtleseed user @tfw's 600th follower, he is now considered an Official Meme.
  • He joined turtleseed on September 8th, 2014 and has been meme'ing ever since.
  • His boyfriend, Bokutachi (ボクタチ), introduced Hitoshi-san to turtleseed (however, he has yet to make an account).
  • Despite people's doubts, he is indeed the Real Actual Hitoshi-san.

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