@homoerotic's current icon as of 28/10/2014.

About Edit

Turtleseed user @homoerotic is 6teen years old and living it up in Canada, where it is currently raining because it is always raining in Canada. (@homoerotic has forgotten what the sun looks like. Help them remember by donating shore love.)

@homoerotic goes by Will or Will Graham because they're Fannibal trash and accepts their fate. Will uses literally whatever pronouns as they Do Not care.

Will also has dyscalculia which is like dyslexia except math specific. Of course, because brains are shitty and weird, this still affects reading and writing. Basically don't bring up math around Will because they will ollie out of that conversation so hard, brobeans.

Activity on Turtleseed Edit

@homoerotic, or Will, has been a member of Turtleseed since late April 2014, though they did not begin to regularly use Turtleseed until late May or early June 2014. This hiatus of sorts was due to them being too lazy to reset their password. They signed up again late May or early June, back when joining wasn't by invite only. Will found out about Turtleseed through a friend who is no longer active on TS anymore, and is responsible for getting @tbh and @sleepygirl to sign up.

When Will's handle was still @wtf, they announced that they would be going on hiatus early September, then ended up deleting. They stayed off Turtleseed until the end of September, when they remade under the username @superwholock. After realising no one would touch @superwholock--due to fear of contracting superwholockius--they changed their username to something they don't remember. Eventually, it was changed to @homoerotic which sums Will up pretty well, honestly.

Aliases Edit

Will has used various handles but forgets 90% of them and the order they were in. Here are some they are able to recall:

  • @animalcrossing
  • @skyrim
  • @wtf
  • @superwholock (when they rejoined again in late September 2014)
  • @homoerotic (their current username)

Harry Potter Stream Crew Edit

Will Graham was an active member in the Great Harry Potter Stream of '14. It was fun and they'll never forget the time everyone got banned for being piece of shit stoners.

Main Harry Potter Stream Crew wiki page.

Testimonials Edit

(add stuff here if u wanna lmao)

will homoerotic graham is an amazing user and does a+ readings of my immortal -@danascully

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