look at how cute wtf

wow this editor is confusing, hi! its @juuzou and I finally managed to get the create new page thing working

update: I had to delete and remake this page like 5 times now because the editor is so buggy send me to hell

Who is this?Edit

  • My name is Echo, and I live in NY.
  • I'm 17 dfab, and androgyne/agender depending on how I feel. you can use she/her pronouns for simplicity or any pronouns tbh.
  • I'm demi romantic/sexual and I've found that I can be attracted to both boys and non binary folks.
  • My birthday is on november 16th, im a scorpio!
  • I'm a weeb and can be found talking about Tokyo Ghoul, Evangelion, and numerous other animes regularly.
  • Comission some sketches

Achievements & FactsEdit

  • Donated at least 10$ to turtleseed.
  • Got the whole shore to seed appreciation for Dangan Ronpa character Naegi for about an hour.
  • Drank a mixture of milk and ketchup and liveseeded it along with @soup drinking both hot sauce and ketchup milk on October 3rd, 2014.
  • Participated in instigating the raisin war
  • Has a near completely matching profile with ts user @Suzuya
  • Very connected to the colors teal/black/silver and the number 24. 
  • Halloween is my fave holiday its part of who I am.
  • Fav animal: platypus
  • Fav food: mac n cheese probably
  • I make a lot of puns
  • I try to follow back everyone
  • The word "brat" really deeply bothers me so if u could avoid saying it around me that would b A+

Testimonials (please add some) Edit

  • "@Juuzou deserves 24 daily love seeds every day" -alannah @hornucifer

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