kanos Edit

a cool gay british nerd who memes sweetly and hardly ;^)

testimonials Edit

'If you really beleive that, kill yourself and move onto the next "kin"'-kintyeastwood on tumblr

'stop being an idiot and i'll stop calling you one'- heyitshaunter on tumblr

'youre a horrible person'- everyone

'This was moving. I'll admit, a tear was shed.' -badsjw on tumblr

'why are you always so happy when talking about bad things?'-a guy from school

'dubstep is garbage'- some metalhead from school

'do you even have feelings?' a chick from school

trivia Edit

  • one time he stole some kids candy
  • one time he pretended to be a MRA brony and had a very successful troll blog. everyone thought he was tumblr user pinkiepony
  • was cool and popular on a video game when he was 9 years old
  • pretends hes cool but hes really a gay nerd who cries when he gets a detention

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