turtleseed user @koumei is a big gay weenie. weenie hut jrs couldn't handle all this weenie so they had to move @koumei to weenie hut jr's deluxe where they spend most of their lives on the computer and on turtleseed.

the true identity of @koumei is an 18 year old genderfluid person named nova who lives in florida. is it the actual state or the turtleseed user???? who knows?


turtleseed user @koumei acknowledging the fact that they're a weenie

@koumei goes by she/he/they pronouns and would prefer if you switched them up

you will see turtleseed user @koumei in their natural habitat, talking to the south park loving crew on turtleseed. they also talk to the other turtleseeders too, and all about their other obsessions. some which are anime (jjba especially) and also cool tunes like arctic monkeys and daft punk.

other cool facts about ts user @koumei

  • draws 24/7
  • tfw no gf
  • proud member of the space jam
  • anime trash. has watched so much anime and read so much manga in their lifetime
  • has the ability to play hundreds of games and never finish them
  • has thousands of ocs
    Koumei talking on their other identity

    @koumei taking on their other identity

  • wants to become an animator
  • has two cute cats
  • also cartoon loving trash
Running In The 90s)

Running In The 90s)

the song that summons ts user @koumei