Kuro (@kuro) is an artist on Turtleseed.

History Edit

Kuro was born in an illegally-established factory located in the chilly midst of Antarctica. At the mere age of five and three quarters, he escaped the facility after dousing it profusely with gasoline and burning it to the ground.

During the years that followed, he resided in dark city alleyways. Armed with only his wit, good looks, and a pre-installed body modification that allowed him to shoot deadly lasers from his eyes, Kuro roughed his ways through the streets for the extent of his childhood. He became the young leader of five distinct gangs; however, these gangs were eventually disbanded because Kuro ate all of their members.

He currently lives in your ceiling, and pays rent regularly.

Trivia Edit

  • He was kicked out of preschool for summoning Satan in order to have the demonic entity teach him 'radical skateboard moves'.
  • His favourite foods are minor gods, weeaboos, fear itself, and sashimi.
  • He designed and drew the humanized version of Turtleseed, which can be found here.
  • Despite Kuro's name, his persona is white-haired.

External links Edit

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