yo kyle phantom she was just 14 and her parents were very weird! because they built a ghost portal.

Yo who knows Danny! Danny Phantom! (Whisper) 2x

Yo, Danny Phantom was only fourteen years old, and his mom and dad were a bit weird! Because they put a ghost portal together.

Ghosts brace yourself because here's Danny Phantom!

But it failed to work, so it was no use. But Danny took a look inside. There was a big flash and bem very bizarre, were all his molecules through the war!

ghosts brace yourself because here's Danny Phantom!

When he awoke, he saw to his horror, he had snow-white hair and green eyes!

He could do everything that a ghost can also; there it became a lot more confident of it!

Now he gets occasionally even a vision; but he also knows what he has to do ?! And give all the ghosts of cotton!

Ghosts brace yourself because here's Danny Phantom! 3x

Danny Phantom!

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