One of the most maddest muthafuckas in all of turtleseed, nahmean? The coolest of the cool, the best of the best. This dude right here, yo. This dude right here, is just so mind-blowingly amazing, thinking anything else otherwise will have your sanity questioned. A true top-tier memer, funny seeder, and all around cool bro. Hella approachable and kawaii as fuck. The sheer awesomeness that simply beams from this seeder is enough to question your entire existence, to make you sit in the corner and rack the void between your ears only encased by your cranium to search for a comprehensible and vaguely vivid explanation on just how spectacular this seeder can truly be. Knowing that all the witty, amusing and swagalicious seeds just come natural will leave you wide-eyed and breathless for Legolas, motha. Fucking. Legolas has that outstanding genuity--As well as all turtleseed users-- That makes the website just a beautiful place to relax, unwind, and ironically enjoy memes.

Git Gud.

testimonials Edit

"idk yr alright i guess" -@aang

"jk yr slightly better than Alright, youre Funky & Fresh" -@aang

"whoa hi lego ass ur super rad and cool and ilu and u've been there for me before!! luv u" -@kazuichisouda

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