Luci (@lucifer) is a moe as hell overlord of darkness. He sees all and enchants many. He also really loves Kagamine Rin's hips.


Lucifer, in hebrew bible texts, is refered to as Morning Star or The Bringer of Dawn. Though he was kind, he was betrayed by many and was sent to his downfall because of it. Luci, however, will shove a morning star in your face and send you to your downfall if you don't get the fuck to sleep before dawn. He loves to play MMOs such as Mabinogi or watch Game Grumps in his spare time. Hes also really, really fucking adorable and u just wanna pinch his cheeks.


Summoning himself to the village at around The middle of August, Luci graced everyone with his blindingly adorable presence. Genso gave up the un at the same time, so the true king could shine.


  • Luci really, really loves Rin Kagamines hips. There are no excceptions.
    • Unless you're Shinjiro Aragaki, then damn son gimme some of that fine ass
  • He reads a whole bunch of mangos and watches some anime alot
  • Hes really cute. Moe. Adorable. Handsome-- You get it.
  • Genso was here 2k14 (ilu)

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