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Turtleseed user @magicalgirl (known as Marianne and Mari outside of the website) is a young adult studying history at a local university who, due to her immaturity and young appearance, still passes as a middle schooler. Born on January 23rd, her current location is currently unknown, although it has been stated as somewhere in Canada, in a small French town. Her appearance is also unknown, although she does share traits with Nadeko Sengoku from the Monogatari series.

Timid yet passionate, she expresses herself in a clumsy English, her native language, French, sometimes showing up in her seeds. She currently is offering help to those who are taking French in school, or those who would like to learn the language.

She always goes by she/her pronouns, and is also the founding member (making her de facto the leader) of the Turtleseed Magical Girl Squad. Often found adding emoticons to her seeds, she's also known as the only member of Turtleseed who, so far, likes Monster Allergy, a fact that often makes her dissapointed as she'd love to share her passion with it. She also is the 'Mastermind' behind the W.I.T.C.H shore topic of October 2nd, 2014. When not complaining about her daily life or making jokes, she will usually talk about Italian comic books, as well as other fandoms, but mostly magical girl shows.

While she often complains about her lack of special talents, she has proven many times that her true strenght lies in her memory, making her able to tell you from A to Z anything you want to know about most of her favorite things, some going as far as her childhood.

Magical Girl Squad Edit

@magicalgirl – De Facto Leader of the Turtleseed Magical Girl Squad

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Testimonials Edit

"Yeah, she's talented, but what's an agender like me supposed to do about? I've got work to do! And so do you! Give me that laptop!" -- @renamon

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