Maru (@maru on turtleseed) is a user on Turtleseed who does a lot of shit in real life, but is a loser on the internet. His friend code is 0232-9259-6905.

Things Maru can do Edit

Maru can do numerous things, such as:

  • Sing in lots of languages
  • Play guitar and piano
  • Draw and write
  • Calm animals

Maru cannot, however:

  • Beat a P4 boss on the first try
  • Grow the balls to actually play Five Nights At Freddy's
  • Have friends in real life
  • Be quiet. Ever.

Stuff about Maru and his personality Edit

Maru is a transboy who goes by he/him pronouns. He is 5'7" and currently brunet (yes that is spelled right autocorrect fuck off) but may die his hair light blue soon. Maru has high functioning autism, anxiety, and hypersensitivity problems. He also bruises and gets hurt easily. He fears many things, like surreal horror, black and red colors put under severe saturation, computer viruses and creepy stories about computers, bugs of any type, real life social contact, screamers, quite honestly the list goes on forever.

Maru is more likely to act first and less likely to think before doing. He is also usually cheery and active, unless upset by the real world, which will usually prompt caps locking, ranting, and leaving the internet for small amounts of time. He doesn't like condescension or ignorance, but is stubborn himself sometimes.

Maru is attracted to men, both of the cis and trans types, and also demiboys and agender people. Maru is also polygamous and is married to several people on Turtleseed.

Testimonials Edit

I see a lot of people doing this so go ahead and leave something here for me to see!

maru told me to write about him here, so i will. i love maru a lot as a friend, overall a very great guy. hes also super gay :) -terra

Fandoms Maru is currently in Edit

  • DMMd
  • Nichijou
  • Five Nights At Freddy's
  • Animal Crossing
  • Persona
  • Vocaloid
  • Ghost Stories English Dub

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