On May 11, 2015, underwent a period of maintenance. This day was vital to drawing the attention of many new and former villagers. During the maintenance, the website could not be accessed, leaving a message telling visitors to "#enjoylife". If clicked, the hashtag linked to the Turtleseed Twitter account, where users are encouraged to @ the account while using the hashtag "#enjoyinglife", and Turtleseed would retweet their favorites.

Such fortune smiled upon no one.

To continue discussion and prevent a disruption in the Turtleseed familial bonds, villagers were largely divided between temporarily returning to Twitter or using their Tumblr blogs as substitutes. Tumblr was the nexus of substitute discussion. Many joked that this day's Shore Topic was that there was no Shore, or that they could not post on it.

The lengthy period of site downtime, lasting several hours and not returning until late in the night, created some visibility for Some who did not use the site were exposed to it, while many who had left it were struck by the sudden wave of posters discussing it again. This led to rumors, split between the concerned, the wistful, and the sanguine, on both Twitter and Tumblr that Turtleseed, unbeknownst to the mainstream, had made a slow return.

At the time of this post, it is still uncertain if Turtleseed will make a full return. Many Twitter users seem to be interpreting these events as indicative of such, however, it is this poster's personal view that this event has contributed mostly to the return of a minority of former users, rather than a wave of new villagers.

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