Summary Edit

The return of Moe Kano.

The return of Moe Kano began with @toast wanting Turtleseed to "bring back a meme" because their shore was empty. @bagel instantly thought of Moe Kano and changed their icon to Moe Kano once again. Everything went downhill from there.

The invasion was smaller than the First Moe Kano Invasion and the Komaedas did not rise for this battle. Instead, @sayaka fought against the Kanos by uniting the rest of Turtleseed against the smaller Moe Kano Army.

The whole invasion lasted a few hours, but ultimately ended in favor of Sayaka. At the end, the leader of the Moe Kano Army made a promise that one day the Kanos would return.

Resurrection Edit

Turtleseed user @toast wanted the resurrection of a meme because of their shore being dead. @bagel, being a huge part of the First Moe Kano Invasion, immediately thought of Moe Kano. They changed their icon, once again, to Moe Kano, infuriating Toast. This brought out the inner Moe Kano within @akemi, who changed her icon to Moe Kano as well. Together, Bagel and Akemi attempted to convince @shuuya to change their icon as well. Shuuya, being one of the founders of the first invasion, had no choice but to join Akemi and Bagel. This ignited the beginning of the resurrection.

The Main Battle Edit

More Moe Kanos Edit

Several users took up arms for the side of Moe Kano, while many fought the urge to join the invasion. Some users even attempted to crush the army, but were stopped by the army itself. The numbers grew, but not nearly as large as the first invasion. Eventually, a real enemy force emerged from the shadows of Turtleseed, The Normal Icon Revolutionists.

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