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 (マーク, MākuMarc in the Japanese version and Linfan in the non-English European versions) are playable characters in Fire Emblem: Awakening. They are the future child of the Avatar as well as the grandchild of Validar.

Morgan is similar to the Avatar as their origins are a mystery. What is known is that Morgan is the future child of the Avatar who traveled to the past. Because of the Avatar's ability to marry all characters including the other future children and characters who are canonically dead in the alternate future such as Basilio and Emmeryn, it is speculated that Morgan is a child from another timeline. However the possibility lies that Morgan hails from the same ruinous future as the other children through supports with their siblings who remember Morgan, but mostly in this case alone. Regardless of their origins, Morgan was apparently accompanying a much older Avatar, but somehow was caught in the flow of time and was transported into the past. Morgan awoke alone in a grass field just like the Avatar, but has lost most of their memory. Since then, Morgan traveled the world, hoping to reunite with the Avatar.

character traits: amazing, the best character in any video game. really good at tactics and also battle. way cooler than owain and chrom

morgan is a nerd owain was here


just kidding haha morgan is great -owain