"it's hard living your life knowing youre a meme please understand my sorrows" -The Ko 


Who's the Ko ? Edit

The Ko is a 21 year old memer sent to destroy despair and all things mean and unfriendly . He prides himself on being around in the days when turtleseed was "young and new" even though he's barely online now .

Though he isn't online often, he is very friendly and always asking how everyone's day has gone and typical things like that . He can be talkative once you get to know him . He has an automatic love for everyone and this causes him to be kind of gullible . Be gentle with him .

Born on an April morning . A meme from birth . His first words were "hope" and "meme" .

Behind the Name Edit

The handle name and nickname both are based on the character Nagito Komaeda from the game Super Dangan Ronpa 2 . The handle was chosen simply because the person behind it identifies a bit with Komaeda and loves him as a character .

Interests Edit

The Ko has a huge interest in video games and computers . He's also a lover of all animals .

He likes anime and it isn't hard to convince him to watch/read something (with the proper warnings) .

He loves drawing and will actually do commissions every once and a while . One day he hopes to write and draw his own stories .


  • A mixture of Meme and Sunshine .
    【ダンガンロンパMMD】自作狛枝でWhat The Hell-001:12

    【ダンガンロンパMMD】自作狛枝でWhat The Hell-0

    Komaeda being a Meme and Destroying the Haters

  • Has a tendency to space before punctuation .
  • Is actually Polish .
  • Allergic to everything (no joke) .
  • Is ISTJ and Phlegmatic .
  • The Embodiment of Hope Itself .
  • Loves dogs more than anything ever .
  • Draws a lot but doesn't post much .
  • Is actually Komaeda .
  • Absolutely can not handle loud noises or crowded spaces .
  • Will talk about Digimon all day every day .

Other Sites Edit

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