@hex, also known as kenma or chloe, is infamous on turtleseed as the author of Neopetstar and the Many Adventurs

its past usernames have been, in order:

  1. flareon
  2. sayri
  3. nashgrier
  4. sayri
  5. neopet
  6. paw
  7. feel
  8. hex

one time 2 of its selfies were #1 and #2 on the hatch 100

neopet joined turtleseed on august 17th, missing the Moe Kano meme

is a seedizen with 450+ followers and 3% shore love

a jazzy cool cat with legs that just wont quit.

accidentally created the short people vs tall people war, leader of the short gang

testimonials Edit

"User @neopet consumes 24.2 Neopets daily. This results in the deaths of 8,833 Neopets a year. That's a lot." - kuro

"i hate you" - moe

"together we are a carrot" - gamegrumps

"i love u SO MUCH WOWIE ZOWIE" - gamegrumps

"gay meme" - franky

"We Must Eat Dongs." - AobaSeragaki

"Nash Grier Ronpa" - Jeff

write more testimonials here!

cool Edit

  • uses it/its pronouns but they/them is just as good
  • loves fire emblem awakening. if you talk to it about fire emblem awakening it will probably start crying and get super hyped. please talk to it about fire emblem awakening
  • for every 50 followers it gets it writes one chapter of Neopetstar and the Many Adventurs
  • it is friends with @dead, it was the one who invited them to turtleseed
  • it has a tumblr, ask it for it because it wont give it away as it is now afraid of tumblr
  • it is otherkin with felinekin, dragonkin, faekin and fictionkin with kenma kozume, severa from fire emblem and cynthia from fire emblem

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