Username @nge
Gender demigirl
Age 16
Status tired
Fave Meme time to le

@nge is a Turtleseed Seedizen that joined on August 15, 2014. Xe has yet to give or receive any shore love or change their username.


"Evangelion is one of the most successful and critically acclaimed anime television series of the 1990s. Considered both a critique and deconstruction of the mecha genre, the series has become a cultural icon and has resulted in the artistic and technical revival of the anime industry. The show's characters, music and individual scenes have been recognized by the Japanese public, and homage to its controversial ending resulted in the creation of two movies; each provided an alternate ending for the abstract and psychological analysis of the characters for episodes 25 and 26. The subsequent film, manga, home video and other products in its franchise have achieved record sales in Japan and strong sales in overseas markets, with revenues grossing over 150 billion yen by 2013." 1

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