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Nonon Jakuzure (蛇崩 乃音 Jakuzure Nonon?) is a main character in Kill la Kill and one of the Student Council's Elite Four and fights with Concussive musical blasts.

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The real nonon is em who joined Turtleseed on August 29th. She used to be @hinami but after a shocking release of this un she is now @nonon. Em is #1 gay on ts and crush vague elitist !

More info Edit

  • em prefers she/her or they/them pronouns and is nb
  • em is legend #10
  • true creator of crush vague, (aka crush vagued @marvel first)
  • leader of crush clan
  • em is very gya
  • em is a super cool nd gay teen and a 100 COMBO
  • em has a huge gay crush on Nonon and ts user @marvel
  • em specializes in super quick horrible edits with paint and a mouse
  • em also specializes in crush vagueing though actually very bad at it
  • @marvel luvs that @nonon

Testimonials Edit

  • "ts user hinami is probably not 10,000 lizards piloting a human suit in real life" -florida
  • "wOW!! A CUTE!!" -secret crush
  • "a 100 combo" -secret crush
  • "best ghoul friend ever" -marvel
  • cool sick memer
  • im gya 4 u
  • return of the mack

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