kiki irl

hiii !! kiki ( kirigirikyoko ) is the name and cis female, she/her pronouns !!!

kiki is panromantic and loves to sleep and eat !!! she's also ficktionkin with ibuki mioda ( how cool ) !!! she uses exclamation points like at every sentence ( besides this one ). also she is questioning asexual !! cool !!

my fav dangan character is ibuki mioda !!! then nagito komeada, kyouko kirigiri, then hajime hinata !!!!

i am like 90% sure i have social anxiety, but i think that only affects irl ppl ??? if anything i wont be the first to talk u, u have to talk to me first. also call me any cute nickname ( only if i know u ) !! kiki is an internet alias, not a preferred name.

shes also ISFP and meloncholic !

u can find kiki at tumblr too !!!

luka is my fav vocaloid and i will defend her above everything. kiki also loves pokemon, tokyo ghoul, nge, sdr2/dr, and a lot others !!