@trash is turtleseed's resident trash since August 26th, 2014
Ss (2014-09-21 at 11.40.21)

has had this icon since the beginning, flower crown edited during an icon trend

Also known as zei

(Cuent icon edited by Clive) Using the unedited version after having a christmas hat for the holiday season.


An european turtlememer, always on when others should be sleeping. Sometimes she should be sleeping as well, smh.

trash took part in the Seed War One in the Short Gang, even tho she's 6'0 wth.

An extreme anime enthusiast, probably a weeaboo.

Uses female pronouns. Panromantic Asexual

Doesn't know how to make wiki pages wtf the fuck am i doing, everyone else's pages look so pretty.


  • Lives in the distant land of Latvia
  • really likes ghosts
  • is an actual trash can, has anyone seen her selfies??? yea, that's right
  • birthday: 18th January, 1996.
  • a year 3 computer specialist in a professional school (that's like sophomore year) but is still trash at everything
  • is into meganes *eyebrow wiggle*
  • loves the ts trash crew (everyone, it's everyone)


  • sasuke... is rly cool. sakura... the beautiful -- @trash, about herself
  • the #1 tru sugawara koushi -- @combeferre , aka "suga1" to some people

External LinksEdit

twitter (mostly complaining about daily life)

tumblr (anime trash)

steam&skype available for anyone interested as well

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