POKOPOKOPIKOTAN is a fucked up stop motion video by nana825673. It fucked up everyone in the TogetherTube of 9-6-14. Posted in the chat by @maru (who really regrets it), it caused vomiting and trauma. This article will contain trigger warnings for those who want to see the video too.

The video is a "kawaii" horror video in which two paper doll girls are tormented by a demonic look hand (supposedly a full person), and it is heavily implied that the whole video is a metaphor for pedophila and sexual abuse. The video, despite being only paper and crafts, is very graphic, with heavy violence, death, suggestive content, and disturbing content. Watch at your own risk.

Below are trigger warnings for the curious. I wish any aspiring watchers good luck.

Trigger Warnings Edit

The video contains (in order)

  • Unusually creepy carnivalesque music
  • Stop motion (obviously)
  • Disturbing imagery
  • Dark colors
  • Sudden visual changes
  • Static
  • Odd, disturbing gurgly sounds
  • Reversed, jumbled audio
  • Hands
  • Choppy motions
  • Distortion
  • Suggestive content
  • Implications of sexual abuse
  • Implications of pedophilia
  • Sirens
  • Blood
  • Implications of kidnapping
  • Decapitation
  • Violence
  • Implications of physical abuse
  • Knives
  • Stab wounds
  • Darkness
  • Shoe
  • Loud banging noises
  • Crying
  • Fire
  • Burning
  • Demonic noises

If you have balls of steel, here's some links to the video Edit The video itself. (You have been warned.) The "Making Of" video (Not as scary, actually interesting.) Nana's channel (WARNING: 99% of the videos on here are just as disturbing, if not more so than POKOPOKOPIKOTAN.)

Trivia Edit

  • The darkness in the end of the video after the stomping is apparentally painted wig hair.
  • Despite misconceptions, Nana (the creator) is male, which is easily mistaken because Nana in English usually means aunt, but it means seven in Japanese.
  • Nana is also known as Piropito, and has been a famous Japanese flash animator since the early 2000's.

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